Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finally got myself settled in Clear Water Bay

It have been an uneasy start of August as I moved my home from North Point to Clear Water Bay on 1st of August. For couple of weeks I need to unpack the boxes and tidy up my new home. Also I need to explore the new neighborhood as I never lived in Clear Water Bay and Cheung Kwan O before. Finally I can spare some time to write blog again.

The saddest thing in this operation is my old workstation has reached its sunset. It just can't turn on after I moved. For 2 weeks I have to work with my Thinkpad at home. So this weekend I managed to setup my new workstation with configuration as follow:

  • Intel P4, 3GHz, 64bit.
  • Asus Motherboard with Intel 945 Chipset
  • 2Gb DDRII 533MHz
  • ATI X700, with 256Mb RAM
  • 200Gb SATA Harddisk (the first one didn't work, I took it back to the shop for a replacement)
Works like a charm, I'm so impressed. :) Costed about $6k. :..(

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