Sunday, August 28, 2005

The view from my home Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finally got myself settled in Clear Water Bay

It have been an uneasy start of August as I moved my home from North Point to Clear Water Bay on 1st of August. For couple of weeks I need to unpack the boxes and tidy up my new home. Also I need to explore the new neighborhood as I never lived in Clear Water Bay and Cheung Kwan O before. Finally I can spare some time to write blog again.

The saddest thing in this operation is my old workstation has reached its sunset. It just can't turn on after I moved. For 2 weeks I have to work with my Thinkpad at home. So this weekend I managed to setup my new workstation with configuration as follow:

  • Intel P4, 3GHz, 64bit.
  • Asus Motherboard with Intel 945 Chipset
  • 2Gb DDRII 533MHz
  • ATI X700, with 256Mb RAM
  • 200Gb SATA Harddisk (the first one didn't work, I took it back to the shop for a replacement)
Works like a charm, I'm so impressed. :) Costed about $6k. :..(

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